Wilan Wind Farm

Wilan Wind Farm will deliver up to 138 wind turbines, capable of producing up to 800 MW which is the equivalent of providing energy up to 470,000 homes.
The project is also being designed to potentially include a battery energy storage system (BESS) to store the electricity until it is required by the grid.
Create up to 400 jobs during the peak of construction and
approximately 12 ongoing jobs during the operational life of the project.
A Community Benefit Fund program designed by the community, for the community.


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Community Engagement Opportunities

Online consultation - February 2024
Attend an online consultation session about the project.
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Hayland Gathering - March 2024
Members of the Wilan Wind Farm Development team will be attending the Hayland Gathering in Hay (9-10 March 2024). The team is looking forward to further connecting with the local residents and have an opportunity to talk further about the project.
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Project Update

In November 2022, Wilan Wind Farm prepared and submitted a scoping report to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). The report was then placed on public exhibition. It included details of the Wilan Wind Farm, site studies, and engagement to date.

At the end of the public exhibition period on 23 December 2022, DPE issued the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs), which enabled the project to proceed to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) stage. The approval included DPE’s requirements for technical studies and community consultation to be conducted as project development continues.

For more details, visit the NSW Planning Portal.

Wilan Wind Farm is now working on Environmental Protection
and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) assessment in order
to apply for approvals. This means native birds and bats and
other important flora and fauna in the area have been assessed by the federal government’s Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water. A specialist assessment team from Canberra visited the site to explore key project characteristics in April 2023. A further visit by the Biodiversity Conservation team from the NSW Government was completed in November 2023. Kilara will continue to conduct important environmental studies during the EIS phase of work.


Project Map

The Wilan Wind Farm is located in the NSW Riverina, having boundaries approximately 25km east of Balranald, 40km north of Moulamein and 80km west of Hay.

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Engaging the community

Kilara Energy aims to engage the community widely, address concerns in a timely manner, and where practicable incorporate community input to deliver improved outcomes and lasting benefits.

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